Perfect Events for a Gelato Bar

We can’t consider anything better than a full-service Eskimos Gelato to help you celebrate, enjoy, and relish in any sort of occasion.
There are probably millions and one reason to eat gelato except for the sake of brevity, here are our TOP RECOMMENDATIONS for perfect events for an Eskimos Gelato.


When it involves weddings, words like elegance, decadence, and elegance all come to mind. These trigger words are exactly why a gelato stand may be a perfect marriage for a marriage reception.
Delicious gelato, beautifully presented, and elegantly served to you and your guests may be a fun treat that’s both whimsical and upscale all directly.

Office Lunches

We have all been there – working through lunches, lunch meetings, and skipped lunches.
Don’t let bad lunches happen to good offices. Treat your staff to an exquisite Gelato social to accompany a company lunch event. Our mobile units leave quick and straightforward found out – perfect for tight lunch windows.

Birthday Parties

Throw the birthday party that creates all the cry parties cry from jealousy. Gelato catering is exclusive, fun, and a moment crowd-pleaser. The birthday boy or girl will feel like the most special person in the world, while guests will relish in the delicious treat.

Pair-up with Eskimos for your next party or wedding and tickle up the taste buds of your guests with healthy and refreshing gelatos. Impress your wedding guests with a deliciously unique and healthy dessert option.


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