The Top Gelato Flavours in Rome and Now in Eskimos

One of the world’s favorite desserts, ice cream, or gelato, because the Italians call it, maybe a must try your trip to Rome. With more flavors than there are days in the month, Italy’s most beloved dessert is versatile, light and pretty addictive. Because we all need an honest Italian gelato after an hour-long happy Rome tour. Our feet hurt, the sun is at its highest and hottest peak, the city is packed with frantic Romans, parking, honking, cursing and curiously observing groups of terribly slow tourists in search of beauty and comfort. This is when gelato is most needed. The Roman summer will offer a major opportunity to sample the limitless flavor combinations at the gelaterias scattered across the town. Got your spoon? OK, let’s get this show on the road…

Now you no need to go to Italy for the best gelatos, you can find them in Hyderabad too. Eskimos is the best ice cream parlor in Gachibowli for the best and fresh gelatos. Now it's your turn to grab your favorite one.

We Bring You Hyderabad Best Gelato Flavors – The Summer 2020 Edition

In Hyderabad we have the best gelato ice cream is a must-try on hot summer afternoons, in mild spring weather, those rare cloudy-sky days, or just about whenever you get the craving for that creamy, dreamy dessert in a cone. We have the best gelato’s please go on reading.

Wild strawberry. In late spring and beginning summer, Italian hills get covered in small fragrant strawberries of the wild variety. A seasonal, gourmet flavor, wild strawberry makes one of the most delicate ice creams you will come across. Served with a dollop of homemade whipped cream, it’s nothing short of heaven in a cone.

Chocolate and fig. With their mild taste and peaks of sweet and tangy notes, Italian figs provide great company to the creamiest of chocolates. Now we have the best gelatos in Hyderabad.

Strawberry and forest fruit. The first fruit-based frozen dessert in our top 10 comes in a refreshing pink blend of sweet and tangy notes. We found the best version of this classic gelato flavor at Eskimos.

Try out best gelatos in Eskimos and enjoy this summer with our freshly made drinks. We give you the healthy and finest gelatos.


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